Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Ranting and Raving

Ranting and Raving

In the Family Guy film, Stewie's dad gets a 30 second spot on a TV channel to rant and rave about seemingly unimportant issues. Unexpectedly, the unimportant rants and raves he voices, are shared by many viewers and he becomes an instant celebrity.

While I have no need for celebrity status, I hope that my rants and raves prompt a knowing nod from some of you, and at least prompt some thought from the group at which my rants are directed.

My main topics for Ranting and raving are
1) Customer Service (and to a lesser degree
, bad responses to mediocre or unsatisfactory service. In other words, Bad Customers)
2) Bad Driving (oooh are we going to have fun with this one..... because no one is a bad driver - that is according to Number One)

I have so many instances and categories of these topics which I can mention, but let's get some suggestions. I bet I could think of at least one instance of any topic you mention...


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