Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Would you like a Roll (back) with your vote

Guild Wars

Online games and their real-world connection

Yesterday they rolled back the state of the servers by one hour to fix a problem with the in-game traders. They were selling items at unrealistically low prices... Sounds to me like they developed some real world sales savvy and had a sale.

They rolled back the servers state to "protect the games economy"

So I wasted a few hours worth of game-play. At least it's not as much time that was wasted as with Apartheid..... 50+ years down the tubes

Can someone roll back South Africa's state to pre-Apartheid and then implement a patch to prevent everyone voting for a loaf of bread. Yip, I might be wrong, but that's apparently where all the trouble started. One of the right wing political parties promised everyone a loaf of bread if they won the election back in the early 1900's. Kaboom! Would you like some apartheid with that loaf of bread? The amount of baggage South Africa is still saddled with because of apartheid is staggering.

We would have been much better off without Apartheid, no matter what your viewpoint...needless to say


At 2:12 PM, Anonymous N. said...

Too true, too true. ;]

Keep the updates comin' Poi-man.

See you at the w/end, and on the line.

Cheers, N.


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