Thursday, September 15, 2005

It's just a game...isn't it?


For those of you who have lost a potplant or more due to excessive computer gaming, I can only sympathize.

For those of you who are unrepentant and need your next kick, I have just the thing. Guild Wars.

I never considered online gaming due to bad experiences with a few commercial titles where one moment you are in position x,y and the next moment you are 50 meters away and dead. This quite simply put, sucks.

Guild Wars is VERY addictive, so stop reading now if you want to keep your job and relationship.
Generally speaking, Guild wars is a online Role Playing game, so you have to be online to play. I have a 128KB/s ISDN connection which works perfectly with Guild Wars because the game has been optimized for dial-up connections.

Perfect playability, beautiful graphics, a enjoyable online experience with real players, the option of using computer controlled team members, a large variety of skills classes and spells make this game wonderful.

The game can be purchased as a box-set or online and then downloaded (the latter is not recommended for anyone with a connection slower than 128KB/s) Create an account



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