Monday, April 03, 2006

It's Groundhog Day on April 1 in South Africa

[edit] I left this article in draft until now because I wasn't in a particularly good mood when I started. I still think it's relevant enough to publish. [edit]

Like the movie Groundhog Day, savvy South Africans will be perpetually stuck on April Fool's day ready to believe any good news, no matter how bizarre.

One piece of news was potentially easy to believe because we're hoping and we're desperate and it's the way it should be at the very least.
The article was the on the site:
In a surprise move the SNO (Second National Operator) announced late Friday that it has successfully trialed its new 5 Mbps WiMax broadband offering and that they will start a commercial trial effective immediately.

Why should this be an April Fools joke? If somone reported that a complete cure for cancer was found everyone would think that it was in very poor taste. The same applies for this article.
This should have been the lowest offering in South Africa 2 years ago.
[edit] while paging through magazines in the doctor's room, I saw an article which said that the SNO was going to start in July or August after a delay of a few years. "Wooohoo!", I thought, then I saw the date of the magazine.... 2003 hahaha [edit]

I get so sick and tired of people that berate you if you speak badly of South Africa. You are then labeled as negative and unpatriotic. Like that overly opinionated fuckwit and his 4x4 on TV
, according to him everything in South Africa is rosy and fine. It's not. It's a racist, apathetic haven for slackers.

Just look at Telkom's lack of customer service. Nobody gives a shit. I have cancelled my Telkom account 3 times over the past 7 years, each time because of rediculously bad service. Each time I went back because I need Internet access and there was no viable alternative. There is no Broadband. There is no Second National Operator for Average Joe. There won't be for probably another 3 years. There is no alternative.

So here's my suggestion Mr S.N.O. ...Fuck off!!


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