Monday, September 19, 2005

Has your website been tested?

Ranting and Raving

The testing phase is something every piece of software should pass through. This however is not true for South African Web sites. Especially South African motor dealers.

My current gripe is with Chevrolet. The first time I try to book an online service I cause the online-booking page to fall over completely. To their credit, I tried exactly the same thing while I was typing this, and the error had been corrected. The issue remains... Why had this not been tested properly in the first place?

My previous two vehicles were Renaults. I love these vehicles. The Web site and associated customer service department are the worst I've encountered in a long time.

Have you ever encountered a problem on a web page and then try to report the problem on the online "Contact Us" page? How many times does that page also fail? 9 out of 10 time for me. With I even told them what the problem was with their web site, but the stubborn "customer service" manager told me that she had full confidence in her staff and that they would know of a problem if one existed. It's such a long and incredible story that people would get fired if the right people heard it, but such is customer "service" in South Africa.... These cretins are still being paid a salary while causing customers to move to competitors (like Chevrolet)

We can't have this Blog be entirely negative. On a positive note, The Standard Bank Web site has been a pleasure to use for the past 2 years. Easy to use, full of features and fast. And most of all - free of bugs!


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