Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Headlines and Deadlines

Grind my Cogs

Some headlines from South Africa over the past 4 days

Six people have died after being thrown from a passenger train in Benoni, apparently by striking security guards.

The Cape High Court has granted an order for the provisional sequestration of murdered mining magnate Brett Kebble's estate.

The first farmer to be threatened with expropriation has agreed to sell his farm, the Commission on the Restitution on Land Rights has said

Three gunmen have stormed into a high school class, robbing pupils at Johannesburg's Parktown Boys High of 12 cellphones, five watches and cash.

Three armed men have been shot dead by the son of a Johannesburg man whose house they were trying to rob.

Jacob Zuma's rape accuser may be placed in the witness protection programme once the trial ends, the safety and security minister has said.

The arms and head of a baby have been found near a river in the Eastern Cape, police said.

A man from Stilbaai, who was arrested with a young woman for making and distributing child pornography, has committed suicide in prison.

South Africans are still consumed by unrealistic beliefs in the supernatural, writes Jon Qwelane.

Cape Town mayor Helen Zille will demand police protection before she goes into townships again - and she's laying charges after being attacked at a meeting.

Long lagging behind other regions of the world, sub-Sahara Africa is showing economic growth that should lift thousands of people out of poverty.

An investigation into reports of rat-tailed maggots in three provinces has found no evidence of contaminated drinking water, the Water Affairs department has said.

A Sandton woman has been shot dead during an attempted hijacking outside her home, while the hijackers fled in a security company vehicle.

Six men who allegedly beat to death a 16-year-old have had their case postponed in the magistrate's court.

DA leader Tony Leon has said the murders of Brett Goldin and Richard Bloom sent a shudder through SA - and showed how bad crime has become in the country.

An alleged serial rapist, wanted on at least 15 counts, will soon appear in the magistrate's court.

More than 100 drunk drivers have been arrested and 40 buses taken for tests in Johannesburg since the beginning of April.

A hundred and seventy-nine schools identified two years ago as having pupils who were taught under trees have been given proper classrooms.

Tshwane's new mayor Gwen Ramokgopa has reportedly decided to ditch a sponsored BMW in favour of buying a luxury S500 Mercedes-Benz.

A man has been jailed after police accused him of trying to sell his 18-month-old daughter.

Two policemen who allegedly assisted one of the country's most wanted serial killers in a hostage drama at police holding cells will remain in custody.

A super-fit man who jogged to and from work every day, has died an horrific death under a packed minibus taxi that dragged him for about 100m.

A mother, who lived with her two young children in a smallish two-bedroomed house with 140 cats, has been charged with animal abuse.

News from Elsewhere
A 12-year-old boy accused of beating and stabbing to death his mother and younger brother was charged as a juvenile with two counts of first-degree murder.

A large sinkhole opened in the middle of a house, killing a man who plummeted three metres and was covered by the rubble

About 11 mortar rounds have exploded in central Baghdad

Rwanda has postponed until at least next month the start of nationwide village trials for hundreds of thousands of people accused in the country's 1994 genocide.

What does this mean?
that our police are efficient?
that we have a high crime rate?
That we still have a long way to go?
That it's not as bad here as some other places?


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