Monday, June 05, 2006

Looking out for Number 1?

Grinding My Cogs

My friend T's recent experience with crime and it's repercussions have got me grinding my cogs. The situation could be broadly described as involving two groups: the people who look out for Number 1 and the rest that realize that 1 is a lonely number.

The "Selfish Thieving Bastards" (STB) tried stealing T's car in the dead of night and succeeded only in damaging the locks and the ignition and placing his battery in safekeeping in an unknown location.

The STBs are persons unknown but we can safely say that they were looking out for Number 1. The were not intent on helping their fellow man. T on the other hand is definitely of the helpful sort

We all rely on support and assistance in various forms.

We rely on the Government to deter criminals and to provide a safe environment to breath freely. We rely on the government to provide a healthy economy or even one or two of the benefits which spring from that. We rely on friends for emotional and practical support.

We used to rely on a smile from most people, courtesy on the road, and a feeling of freedom and safety. These benefits and rights have died because everyone is looking out for Number 1.

We won't risk being a Samaritan because it might be a setup. We don't dare make eye-contact. We don't dare allow our empathy get the better of us for fear of being physically hurt, emotionally trampled or having the proverbial pants sued off us. We have become so risk-averse, that all we can do is remain safe in our own little shells and look out for Number 1.

In the meanwhile South Africa is a haven for the naturally selfish people. They thrive in these conditions. "If you don't look out for Number 1, nobody else will", "You better Cover Your Arse" Sound familiar? Of course.... It's become such a way if life, we can't imagine anything else.

In some (most?) cases Number 1 is all you have and Number 1 has a hungry belly. The Government isn't looking out for you, so what do you do?

I'm not proposing Socialism, Communism, Cult, religion or even a naive ignorance of reality, I'm proposing a bit more Love. Of the brotherly sort.

Ever had one of those bad days where some stranger just smiled at you out of the blue? It made a difference didn't it? I still remember some of those occurrences. It's a dynamic where everyone makes a difference by the things they do and say.

Like the Black Eyed Peas asked "Where is the Love?"


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