Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Would you like a Roll (back) with your vote

Guild Wars

Online games and their real-world connection

Yesterday they rolled back the state of the servers by one hour to fix a problem with the in-game traders. They were selling items at unrealistically low prices... Sounds to me like they developed some real world sales savvy and had a sale.

They rolled back the servers state to "protect the games economy"

So I wasted a few hours worth of game-play. At least it's not as much time that was wasted as with Apartheid..... 50+ years down the tubes

Can someone roll back South Africa's state to pre-Apartheid and then implement a patch to prevent everyone voting for a loaf of bread. Yip, I might be wrong, but that's apparently where all the trouble started. One of the right wing political parties promised everyone a loaf of bread if they won the election back in the early 1900's. Kaboom! Would you like some apartheid with that loaf of bread? The amount of baggage South Africa is still saddled with because of apartheid is staggering.

We would have been much better off without Apartheid, no matter what your viewpoint...needless to say

Thursday, March 09, 2006

How to get credit in (a) Monopoly

Did you know that whenever you fill in a form to obtain credit or to open an account, your answers (or lack of answers) and the quality of your answers are weighted, scored and totaled?

Depending on this score, your application is either accepted or rejected. If it is accepted the score determines what level of credit you will receive.

One of the ubiquitous fields on the form is "Home Telephone Number" If you don't fill this field, you are effectively penalized.

So, by not supporting a monopoly (Telkom), you are being penalized....

Until I can order a landline telephone from another supplier other than Telkom, they are a Monopoly.

I have ditched Telkom because they have caused me so much stress over the past 5 years that I said "NO MORE" Now I rely on my Cell Phone and IBurst wireless for Internet connectivity.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Big Brother and his underpaid minions are watching

You get all kinds of spam.....

In South Africa the laws preventing unsolicited marketing telephone calls and text messages don't exist yet. We don't have a don't-call-me database....

So what happens is that I try to keep my private telephone numbers out of the marketing databases. It should be harmless to give your number to a recruitment agent/employment agency right? You want them to get hold of you about that job. You want to be contactable... You also give them your salary level.

Now all of a sudden you get unsolicited text messages on your mobile phone, telling, yes TELLING you, that some fracken financial institution (Nedbank) representative will be phoning you about some great new product...!!!??? (and the message is called a "Courtesy SMS" hahahaha) Suddenly everyone is phoning and messaging you about great new offers...
Employment Agencies selling contact details, ailing banks buying this ill-gotten information. The same banks not knowing what Spam and unsolicited communication is all about....

There are so many aspects of what I've told you that I want to rant about.... but there's no use. It's a jungle out there, quite literally

To add insult to injury, the Employment Agency has been a total waste of time....
They probably get paid a retainer by many companies as long as they show that they're adding eligible names to their books plus they make a killing on commission, AND then they sell your details.... lucrative what?