Monday, September 26, 2005

Virtually Unbelievable


For some people Online gaming has become the new reality.

Yesterday while playing Guild Wars, I had some player accost me and wrongfully accuse me of "purfing", which I think is "perving"(which means Ogling someone). (correct me if Purfing means something else) The player proceeded to swear at me and call me a few choice names. Then the player said that her/his boyfriend was coming and then, wait for it.......
guess what he said...?
"Don't look at my girlfriend" ..... (am I in the Twilight Zone?)

I would have dismissed it as a stupid prank or some weird re-enactment of a typical real-life social scenario, but for the fact that this player called me a "D**khead" and a "W**ker". This player was serious. Her boyfriend's avatar proceeded to stand in front of my avatar and attempt to look menacing. Need I say more...

Perving in the virtual world, if u think about it, is just weird and incomprehensible. Everyone in this virtual world has a limited number of faces and types of clothing to choose from, so even if you completely suspend your disbelief and forget that that you are looking at an expressionless cartoon character, you would be looking at a multi-copy clone anyway.

Do these people really lose touch with reality to such a degree?

Another amusing virtual incident concerns a virtual plague. In the online game "World of Warcraft" a plague transmitted by a new foe, has been spreading further than anticipated. Those not killed by the plague after battling the new foe, happened to infect other players and Non-player characters in many parts of the world. Those too weak to resist the plague died.
BBC - Deadly Plague Hits Warcraft World

Friday, September 23, 2005

Suffer little children

Sick Mo'fo's

This is unbelievable and simply turns my stomach.

A quote from;
"New book promotes
sex with children
Ph.D. 'expert' claims pederasty good
for 'nurturing,' 'mentoring' young boys"


Thursday, September 22, 2005

How to get it done

Ranting and Raving

This one's a Rave. I found a blog article that shows you in detail how to tackle your To-Do list.

For someone as disorganised as I am, this is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Now all I need to do is start working through it.... (unfortunately there aren't practical tips for doing that...)

Building a Smarter To-Do list

Lack of Public Transport is the motorists' fault...

Grinding Gears

I have been labouring under a misconception all this time. I thought that the lack of public transport and the appalling level of the traffic congestion on our roads was the government's responsibility. It seems, according to Ignatius Jacobs, that the motorists are to blame. Whew, I'm glad we finally found the culprits...

To get your blood boiling read the following articles. Pay special attention to Mr Ignatius Jacobs' statements.

Traffic rules our lives - News24
MEC Jacobs to launch Public Transport Month

Monday, September 19, 2005

Has your website been tested?

Ranting and Raving

The testing phase is something every piece of software should pass through. This however is not true for South African Web sites. Especially South African motor dealers.

My current gripe is with Chevrolet. The first time I try to book an online service I cause the online-booking page to fall over completely. To their credit, I tried exactly the same thing while I was typing this, and the error had been corrected. The issue remains... Why had this not been tested properly in the first place?

My previous two vehicles were Renaults. I love these vehicles. The Web site and associated customer service department are the worst I've encountered in a long time.

Have you ever encountered a problem on a web page and then try to report the problem on the online "Contact Us" page? How many times does that page also fail? 9 out of 10 time for me. With I even told them what the problem was with their web site, but the stubborn "customer service" manager told me that she had full confidence in her staff and that they would know of a problem if one existed. It's such a long and incredible story that people would get fired if the right people heard it, but such is customer "service" in South Africa.... These cretins are still being paid a salary while causing customers to move to competitors (like Chevrolet)

We can't have this Blog be entirely negative. On a positive note, The Standard Bank Web site has been a pleasure to use for the past 2 years. Easy to use, full of features and fast. And most of all - free of bugs!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

It's just a game...isn't it?


For those of you who have lost a potplant or more due to excessive computer gaming, I can only sympathize.

For those of you who are unrepentant and need your next kick, I have just the thing. Guild Wars.

I never considered online gaming due to bad experiences with a few commercial titles where one moment you are in position x,y and the next moment you are 50 meters away and dead. This quite simply put, sucks.

Guild Wars is VERY addictive, so stop reading now if you want to keep your job and relationship.
Generally speaking, Guild wars is a online Role Playing game, so you have to be online to play. I have a 128KB/s ISDN connection which works perfectly with Guild Wars because the game has been optimized for dial-up connections.

Perfect playability, beautiful graphics, a enjoyable online experience with real players, the option of using computer controlled team members, a large variety of skills classes and spells make this game wonderful.

The game can be purchased as a box-set or online and then downloaded (the latter is not recommended for anyone with a connection slower than 128KB/s) Create an account


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sub-optimal Cranial Disposition to Computer Security


A page which warrants special mention is by Marcus Ranum. The title is "The Six Dumbest Ideas in Computer Security". Don't immediately scoff at the ideas, take some time to think about them.

Ranting and Raving

Ranting and Raving

In the Family Guy film, Stewie's dad gets a 30 second spot on a TV channel to rant and rave about seemingly unimportant issues. Unexpectedly, the unimportant rants and raves he voices, are shared by many viewers and he becomes an instant celebrity.

While I have no need for celebrity status, I hope that my rants and raves prompt a knowing nod from some of you, and at least prompt some thought from the group at which my rants are directed.

My main topics for Ranting and raving are
1) Customer Service (and to a lesser degree
, bad responses to mediocre or unsatisfactory service. In other words, Bad Customers)
2) Bad Driving (oooh are we going to have fun with this one..... because no one is a bad driver - that is according to Number One)

I have so many instances and categories of these topics which I can mention, but let's get some suggestions. I bet I could think of at least one instance of any topic you mention...

Grinding Gears

Grinding Gears
Do you think you drive your car properly?
Do you concern yourself with the rules of the road?
If you are a South African, chances are you drive like a total nincompoop.

Allow me to generalise. The following types of cars are typically chosen by the nincompoop driver fraternity in South Africa:
-4x4 or 2x4 pick-up trucks/Bakkies (they think they are permanently off-road)
-Beemers (They have bought time-share in the fast lane)
-Mercs (Not now, I'm busy on the phone)
-The ubiquitous minibus taxi (You won't bump into me so I don't care what I do)

The fast lane in South Africa is the right-hand lane. The Golden rule of the road "Keep left, Pass Right" is interpreted in many different ways, despite it being very simple.

Think about that simple rule...... Keep left, Pass right. I'll be delving into the many interpretations in my next blog.